Here are a list of some of the best recipes that you can make all by yourself! Learn to whip up a quick snack and fall in love with baking!

Lesson 1 – Quick Recipe

Here’s a quick intro recipe to get started! Learn a quick, easy and delicious Banana Chocolate recipe!

Lesson 2 – Cookies

In this lesson, learn to make some amazing Cookies! Make them with the flavours that you love the most!

Lesson 3 – Jam Tarts

In this lesson, learn to make everyone’s favourite Jam Tarts. You can use the jams you like the most and even get a glimpse into understanding how to make your own Jam!

Lesson 4 – Chocolate Cake

Learn everyone’s favourite dessert recipe, and the perfect thing to make for someone’s birthday as you learn to make an absolutely delicious Chocolate Cake

Lesson 5 – Lemon Pie

Learn a quick and mouthwatering recipe with this simple Lemon Pie!

Lesson 6 – Biscuits

Learn how to make the perfect biscuits, and for a bonus, you can even use the biscuits to make the perfect ice-cream sandwiches!

Lesson 7 – Brownies

Learn to make the fastest non-bake brownies for when your sweet tooth is itching, and also learn to make some awesome (Baked) Brownies too!

Lesson 8 – Character Design (Part 2)

In this lesson you’ll learn to draw your favourite movie characters you see in the movies. Learn to draw the coolest super-heros like Batman, Spider-Man, and even Captain America!

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