Lesson 1 – How to draw Monsters

In this lesson, Maitreyi teaches you everything you need to know about drawing monsters! Learn to draw big monsters, little monsters, scary monsters, and friendly monsters, and how to color them all in too!

Lesson 2 – How to draw Animals

In this lesson learn how to draw all your favourite animals! Maitreyi shows you how to draw and colour in dogs, cats, hippos and so much more!

Lesson 3 – Origami

In this lesson Maitreyi teaches you everything you need to know about Origami. Origami is the art of folding paper to make all kinds of cool things! In this lesson you can learn how to make boats, and animals and a whole lot more!

Lesson 4 – Mandalas

In this lesson, you can let the inner artist in you completely free! Learn to draw Mandalas, and even how to create your own, as Maitreyi teaches you how to add designs and patterns and create your own amazing art!

Lesson 5 – Drawing Nature

Enjoy a relaxing art lesson where you learn to draw the elements of nature. Leaves, flowers, and plants are the focus of this lesson. All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil and you’ll be on your way to creating these masterpieces!

Lesson 6 – Characters Design (Part 1)

Learn the basics of how to draw your favorite characters in this lesson! You’ll learn to draw characters with their faces, and even add different expressions so you can make them happy, angry, or even surprised!

Lesson 7 – Painting

In this lesson, you can take a deeper look at some of the greatest impressionist art by Van Gogh, and learn how you can make your very own Impressionist paintings from the comfort of your own homes. Maitreyi breaks down the entire process step by step, so you’ll be on your way to creating these brilliant pieces yourself!

Lesson 8 – Character Design (Part 2)

In this lesson you’ll learn to draw your favourite movie characters you see in the movies. Learn to draw the coolest super-heros like Batman, Spider-Man, and even Captain America!

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