Art Lessons

Maitreyi Bhatia is an extraordinary artist and loves teaching children. In her art lessons, your child will learn how to bring out their inner artist as they explore a wide range of topics from drawing and sketching, to painting, character design, and much, much more!
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Art Lessons – Course 2

In this course, Mrigaangani will teach you how to draw and colour, and will also introduce you to more avenues of arts with 3D texturing, and much more coming soon!
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Baking Lessons

Sana Kabra is a pastry Chef trained at the Ecole Ducasse, France in Culinary Arts and French Pastry, with work experience at the Plaza Athenee, Paris and with Jordi Bordas in Barcelona, Sana is an incredibly experienced Chef.She also adores teaching everything she’s learnt, in incredibly fun and engaging ways!
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Language Lesson – Spanish

Learn Spanish in the most fun, interactive and exciting way! The lessons contain conversational Spanish that will set you on the right foot to being fluent in no time! The video series contains, greetings, common words and phrases, relationships and much more!

Language Lessons – Hindi

Learn Hindi conversation with Ishika through this mini-series! Learn the basic day-to-day phrases, introductions and everything else that you’d need to have a quick conversation right here!

Music Lessons

Bonita has appeared for various music grade exams conducted by Trinity College of Music, London and Rockschool of music over the years and has been educating students for various music grade examinations in Keyboards, Theory of Music & Vocals since 2009. She has also taught at various school and a college and is a multi- instrumentalist!
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Story Telling Sessions

Sit in Mallikas storytelling sessions as she takes your to distant lands on magical adventures! Her classes always have the best stories, and she also likes to include fun games and activities based on the stories so they keep the classes fun, interactive, and most importantly, memorable!
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Yoga Lessons

Ria Bajaj is an Yoga, Aerial, & fitness instructor who has been trained in Bharat Bharat Natyam and has been practicing yoga since a young age. She has been a proffessional teacher herself for the last few years having taught people of all age groups. Her moto is consistency in practice and strives to perfect techniques and skills through it!
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Yoga Lessons – Course 2

Lakshita makes Yoga more fun and engaging then ever before! All of her lessons are crafted to suit children of all ages, and even make sure the parents watching have a great time!
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Zumba & Dance Lessons

Shalin D’souza is an incredible dancer and a very fun teacher. Watch her interactive sessions on Zumba & Dance lessons, as you learn a fun way to stay fit whilst also learning the steps to some of the coolest dances, for some of the most fun songs!
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Many more coming soon!