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Edu Explorer is the best After School Program for children aged between 4 -10 years old, everyday between 3:00 – 6:00 pm. 

Curated by Ivy League graduates, and the best teachers in their fields, there is a balance between academic subjects, like math, science, and English, and fun subjects, like baking art and storytelling, with a dedicated daily slot for fitness with classes in aerobics or yoga.

These lessons are live and are also recorded so they can be watched later!

The entire program has been created with care and attention given to on-screen as well as off-screen time to ensure the best results, as well as the most fun. Combining both entertainment and education like never before!

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Our Faculty


Mallika Hudlikar

Mallika Hudlikar is a passionate teacher, who has taught at various programs such as Teach for India. At the Edu Explorer After School Program she will be bringing the most fascinating, and incredible stories to your children! “In the world of books and poems, you go on an adventure everyday with different  characters! I’d like you to join me on a myriad of such adventures where we explore the joy of reading!”

Maitreyi Bhatia

Hello! My name is Maitreyi Bhatia and I’m an Artist/ Illustrator and Owner of a small Art business called Monki by Maitreyi Bhatia.

I’ve loved art since I could lift a crayon and that’s all thanks to my mother who’s an ex graphic designer and all the teachers I had growing up who made me fall in love with colours. I hope to be able to spread the love that I have for art through Edu Explorer to all the budding future artists in our world. DO NOT TOUCH


Bonita Deniz

Bonita started her music journey very early on, she joined her church
choir at age 3 and started learning the electronic keyboard at the age of 6 yrs. She has appeared for various music grade exams conducted by Trinity College of Music, London and Rockschool of music over the years and has been educating students for various music grade examinations in Keyboards, Theory of Music & Vocals since 2009. She has also taught at various school and a college and is a multi- instrumentalist! She conducts the children’s choir
in her church.

Sana Kabra

Pastry Chef trained at the Ecole Ducasse, France in Culinary Arts and French Pastry, with work experience at the Plaza Athenee, Paris and with Jordi Bordas in Barcelona, Sana is an incredibly experienced Chef.

She also adores teaching everything she’s learnt, in incredibly fun and engaging ways!


Ria Bajaj

Ria Bajaj is an Yoga, Aerial, & fitness instructor who has been trained in Bharat Bharat Natyam and has been practicing yoga since a young age. She has been a proffessional teacher herself for the last few years having taught people of all age groups.

Her moto is consistancy in practice and strives to perfect techniques and skills through it!

…and many more to be announced soon!

Video Lessons

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Will the lessons be live?

We have various lessons, some will be prerecorded and some will be live. All the live lessons will also be recorded, so in case you miss anything you can go back and check them out again!

What’s the objective of the program ?

  • This is an after school program. We want kids to get learn something fun and enjoyable for them everyday.
  • We want to expose the children to new exciting topics, which wouldn’t generally be part of the school curriculum.
    For instance in music – don’t teach them the theory of music. Instead let them learn songs straight away. This is a take-away, and it’s more fun. The theory can be taught by their schools!

How long will the lessons be?

Our lessons will generally be 45 minutes long, however certain classes could be a little longer, and certain classes may be a little shorter based on the subject and the topic being taught on that particular day

Are parents supposed to watch?

Parents are more than welcome to watch, and participate with their children as well! All the classes however are catered to children, and taught by specialist teachers so it won’t be required for a parent to be present!